Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween!

Hello, Hello!

First off, I would like to share something very exciting that happened this week...I said 'eh' for the very first time.  We were teaching a returning member and it just slipped out.  Such a milestone, such a milestone!

Anyway, we are already on the last week of the transfer, and I can't believe it.  Time just seems to be moving faster and faster and faster.

We got to do quite a bit of service this week.  On Tuesdays, we go to the Bowmanville Older Adults Association and we help them make lunch for the guests.  They had a Halloween themed lunch, so we were serving lunch to witches, zombies, Indian princesses, gypsies, was pretty entertaining!

I learned something cool this morning while I was reading the BoM.  I was thinking about King Lamoni, his Father, the wicked Lamanites who were later converted, and other wicked people in the Book of Mormon who eventually accepted to follow Jesus Christ.  Then I thought about the scripture that says the word of God is more powerful than a sword and how in Preach My Gospel chapter 10 it says we need to have faith in the converting power of the gospel.  I realized that if the gospel could change people in the scriptures who were so hardened they were killing prophets and followers of Jesus Christ, then the gospel can change people who smoke, drink, curse, or who are just grumpy that we meet each day.  There are no limits to His power.

I hope you all have a great week!


Sister Dille

P-day at the corn maze

My crazy district at the corn maze

Helping Sister St. Croix put up wallpaper

Me and Sister Russell

This is literally my favorite picture ever! Isn't it lovely?

The Gauthier's

Since it's Halloween...we dressed up as eachother!

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