Monday, January 30, 2017

Bowmanville it is...for six more weeks!

Well, this week has absolutely flown by, but the last week of the transfer always seems to be that way. After p-day ended last week, we went out tracting on a street we felt prompted to go to. We prayed and headed off to a house we felt like we needed to go to. The man who answered the door was home with his family, and they invited us in. They let us teach them about the Book of Mormon, and then they shared their beliefs with us (they're Muslim, so it was pretty cool!) It was a bit tricky, because they challenged a lot of the things we taught, but they accepted a copy, and said they would start reading. Good way to end p-day!
On Tuesday, we got to go to the Bowmanville Older Adult Association to help them make their senior lunch. It was the first time back to help them in two months, so it was so much fun to be able to see them again.
On Wednesday, we had another lesson with Peter, and it went really well! We taught him about prayer and how to recognize answers to prayers. It's so awesome to be able to teach someone who is so sincere about learning the gospel. Also on Wednesday, we had a worldwide missionary broadcast. They taught us about teaching repentance and baptizing converts. Elder Bednar taught us about the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and for the first time, it made sense to me! He taught that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is not a bunch of separate steps, but it's an ongoing process. Faith is believing in Him, repentance is relying on Him, baptism is following Him, and enduring to the end is pressing forward with Him along with the companionship of the Holy Ghost. You have to have all the components, or the process won't work.
On Thursday, Sister Barrow had her six-week follow up meeting with all of the new missionaries she came out with, and after the meeting, we got to go to the temple! It was so nice to go back! There's such a feeling of peace and love there, and I loved being there. The traffic to and from Brampton was awful though! We were in stop and go traffic for hours! But we made it!
On Friday, we had a lesson with our new returning member. It was an amazing lesson. We taught her about the Restoration, and she was asking questions, trying to apply what we were teaching, and really trying to understand what we were teaching her.
Sunday, TRANSFER CALLS!!!!...but we didn't get one, haha. I get to stay and finish training Sister Barrow! 6 more weeks in Bowmanville! :)
I love you all! Have a great week!

Sister Dille

Sister Goral!

The Shield's came to our ward on Sunday!

This Jacqueline! She is a sweet lady we go do service for once a week.

Temple trip!

Canadians love maple syrup so much, they put it on their ice cream.  It's actually not too bad!

Monday, January 23, 2017

Measuring Our Rod of Success!

Hi! I can't believe another week has come and gone already! Time just seems to keep going by faster and faster! We're already to the last week of the transfer! Crazy!

Anyways, we were able to teach our investigator Peter his first official lesson last Tuesday! Driving to the lesson was a bit interesting...we had freezing rain all night long, so the roads were super icy. Then it snowed a little bit on top of the ice, then it rained on top of that, and then to top it all off, we got some more freezing rain, so we took the trip at a nice relaxing granny speed, and made it there safe and sound! The lesson was incredible! He knew more about the Restoration than we probably do! He's been doing so much research on and he's so anxious and willing to learn more. It's so incredible to be teaching someone who has such a sincere and honest heart. On Saturday, one of the Oshawa North Sisters' investigators got baptized, and Peter came to watch. He really enjoyed it! We're so grateful for all of the progress that he is making!

Another cool experience...yesterday, we got done with our dinner appointment, and we still had about thirty minutes left before we needed to go inside and finish up some things. We decided the night before that we were going to go tracting on a street we felt impressed to work on during our weekly planning session. (This was the third time we went to work on this street because it kept coming back to us). By the time we got to the street, we were only going to have time to knock on maybe three doors, so we prayed and then started working. We knocked on one door, no answer. Second door, no answer. Third door, MIRACLE! A nice lady named Caroline answered the door and told us that she had been taught by the missionaries several years ago before they moved from Saskatchewan. They moved to Bowmanville, and lost contact. Five years later, we were blessed to find her and her family! We've been working and praying to find new investigators, so we're really grateful that our prayers have been answered.

This past week, we had interviews with our mission president. During my interview, we talked a lot about how we need to remember that we cannot achieve perfection in this life. He told me that our measuring rod of success needs to be "what does God think of my efforts" (efforts, not results), not "what do other people think of me?" God's opinion is the only one that really counts. As long as we're working hard, and trying to do as He asks, it's enough. 

I hope you all have a great week! Have fun with all the snow you're getting! :)

Sister Dille 

This is the river that runs through Bowmanville.

We got ice cream on my birthday....of course!

We got our nails done on my birthday too...Sister Barrow's are purple and mine are pink.

Kinder egg predictions....Sister Barrow's very first kinder egg.
Apparently, Canada has "parkettes."  Sorry about the picture quality.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Refining Silver

My testimony of the power of prayer and fasting has really grown this week. We had a day full of miracles on Sunday! We decided to fast for our investigator Peter, and two of our returning members again this week, and all three of them showed up to church yesterday! For one of our returning members, it was his first time coming to church in 10 years! It was so exciting for us to see them there! Peter came to all three hours, and he loved the Sunday school lesson. We have our first official lesson with him tomorrow, and it's so exciting! The power of prayer and fasting is real!

On Friday, we went to a lesson and we were teaching about faith. One of our members came with us and she shared a cool story about faith with the man we were teaching... A lady went into a silversmith's shop because she wanted to learn about the process of refining silver. The man told her that he would put the silver into a furnace and let it get really hot. As it heated up, the impurities would burn out of it. He never left the furnace when the silver was inside, because he didn't want the silver to get ruined while he wasn't watching it. She asked him how he knew it was hot enough, and he told her that he knew the silver was finished when he could see his reflection in it. It's the same way with us! It reminded me of the scripture in 1 Nephi 20:10. "For behold, I have refined thee, I have chosen thee in the furnace of affliction." Jesus Christ is the "author and the finisher of [our] faith." (Moroni 6:4). He allows us to go through hard times to refine our faith and to help us become more like Him. As we go through difficult times, we become more and more like Him, and we gradually "receive God's image in our countenances." (Alma 5:14). But as we go through the furnace of affliction, He will never leave our side.

Other than that, we've just been trying to find investigators. We went on Sister Barrow's first car fast this week, and boy was it fun, haha! We walked a really long ways in the rain and wind, and needless to say, we slept very well that night! 

I love you!
Sister Dille

Sorry, I only took two pictures this week, haha. I'll do better next week! :)

Monday, January 9, 2017

I'm 20 Now...I'm Basically Dead!

Hey Guys!

I wanted to start off by sharing something I learned this week in the Book of Mormon. A couple days ago, I was thinking about the scripture in Ether 12:27, where it says that the Lord will show unto us our weaknesses. I started thinking about all the different ways the Lord could show us our weaknesses. Sometimes, it's through the whisperings of the Spirit, sometimes, it's as we study the scriptures or listen to general conference, but I was thinking that a lot of times He literally shows us our weaknesses by allowing us to experience trials that help us realize what we need to work on. I just thought it was neat to think about.

Anyways, we had a really cool miracle this week. So on Friday, we decided that we wanted to fast for our investigators and returning members. We wanted them to be blessed and strengthened, and we also wanted to know how we could help them. On Sunday, a less active member we've been trying to work with, Brother Legate, showed up, our returning member, Sister Spencer, came to church, and then a few minutes later, one of our investigators, Peter, walked through the door! We were both in shock and we were so excited we couldn't even sing the opening hymn. It's so wonderful when people come to church to feel of the Spirit and strengthen their relationship with God!
For my birthday we got to go over to a member's house and help them in their basement. We helped them sand and paint some sheet rock; man that dust gets everywhere. Sister Barrow made me breakfast and she gave me a French Book of Mormon :)  It feels weird to be 20....

So, the funny story of the week. After church yesterday, Sister Barrow and I were doing some of her training on the computer in the library. While we were sitting there, a guy started talking to us. At first, we were like, "Hey! Cool! Somebody who actually wants to talk with us!" Well, as he proceeded to talk, the conversation quickly got awkward. He began telling us about all of his super powers, and we were just sitting there going, "uh huh, uh huh, oh that's nice." Probably the most entertaining visit to the library yet!

The rest of the week was pretty good...we got to help the Leebody's sand and paint some of the sheet rock in their basement, and we worked on finding new investigators. We also had zone council on Friday, and one of the instructions was on letting go of the past. We talked about the verse in the Bible where it says, "Remember Lot's wife." We talked about how it's important to use the Atonement to repent, and then to move on and do our best. If we constantly dwell on the past, it will be difficult to move forward and progress.

Love ya!
Sister Dille
Sister Barrow made me a happy birthday sign!

We've been working on cleaning out our apartment, and you can definitely tell there were elders here before us...they left us a very old and moldy cake behind the fridge.  YUCK!!!!  Hehe, this was Sister Barrow's face when we found it.

We were trying to take a picture of us "letting go of our sins," but we were struggling as you can see, haha.


Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Find True Happiness....

Hey Everyone!

We had an amazing miracle  happen this week. On Sunday, a member brought his cousin to church with him, and he is really searching for the truth! He told us that he really wants to find true happiness and he really wants to know what his purpose is in life. It was neat for me to be able to listen to all of his questions and hear about all of his challenges, and realize that no matter what he brought up, the gospel could help him with it. The gospel truly is an amazing blessing in our lives, and we're really excited to see how it's going to bless and change his life.

Also this week, some of the missionaries from other areas of the zone came and helped us blitz our area, because we were having a hard time finding new investigators. Some elders found a lady who really wants to know more about the Plan of Salvation! We're really excited to help her understand God's plan for her!

This week, I learned something really important...The last few weeks have been very stressful and nothing I tried seemed to help at all. In my personal studies one day, I realized that it's because I was relying too much on myself, and not on God. So Sister Barrow and I have been relying more on Him than we ever have in our lives. We've been praying about almost every decision (like which street to tract, which way to walk, etc.) and we've seen so many miracles because of it. It's also so much less stressful when you choose to trust the Lord and trust that He will answer your prayers.

Funny story of the week: On Sunday, we were tracting, and we went up to this door, knocked, no one answered, so we knocked one more time, and again no one answered. We were about to leave, but a truck, pulled into the driveway. So that by itself was awkward to be standing on someone's front porch as they're pulling into their driveway and wondering why there are two strangers standing on their door step. Well, it became even more awkward when they saw who we were and started backing down the driveway and then down the road until we were far enough away for them to feel comfortable enough to go back. Haha, so awkward! 

I love you! 
Have a great week!
We were trying to heart attack a door, and we were pretty impressed with the results, so we took a picture.

Sister Barrow's first time trying Timbits! She's an official Canadian missionary now!

The Scea's

These are the Scea's. They let us hold their guinea pigs.

We helped the Leebody's paint!