Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Find True Happiness....

Hey Everyone!

We had an amazing miracle  happen this week. On Sunday, a member brought his cousin to church with him, and he is really searching for the truth! He told us that he really wants to find true happiness and he really wants to know what his purpose is in life. It was neat for me to be able to listen to all of his questions and hear about all of his challenges, and realize that no matter what he brought up, the gospel could help him with it. The gospel truly is an amazing blessing in our lives, and we're really excited to see how it's going to bless and change his life.

Also this week, some of the missionaries from other areas of the zone came and helped us blitz our area, because we were having a hard time finding new investigators. Some elders found a lady who really wants to know more about the Plan of Salvation! We're really excited to help her understand God's plan for her!

This week, I learned something really important...The last few weeks have been very stressful and nothing I tried seemed to help at all. In my personal studies one day, I realized that it's because I was relying too much on myself, and not on God. So Sister Barrow and I have been relying more on Him than we ever have in our lives. We've been praying about almost every decision (like which street to tract, which way to walk, etc.) and we've seen so many miracles because of it. It's also so much less stressful when you choose to trust the Lord and trust that He will answer your prayers.

Funny story of the week: On Sunday, we were tracting, and we went up to this door, knocked, no one answered, so we knocked one more time, and again no one answered. We were about to leave, but a truck, pulled into the driveway. So that by itself was awkward to be standing on someone's front porch as they're pulling into their driveway and wondering why there are two strangers standing on their door step. Well, it became even more awkward when they saw who we were and started backing down the driveway and then down the road until we were far enough away for them to feel comfortable enough to go back. Haha, so awkward! 

I love you! 
Have a great week!
We were trying to heart attack a door, and we were pretty impressed with the results, so we took a picture.

Sister Barrow's first time trying Timbits! She's an official Canadian missionary now!

The Scea's

These are the Scea's. They let us hold their guinea pigs.

We helped the Leebody's paint!

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