Monday, July 24, 2017

Did You Know Lehi & His Family Had a Pet?.....

Hey Guys!

Wow, I have such a strong testimony of D&C 24:12. "And at all times, and in all places, he shall open his mouth and declare my gospel as with the voice of a trump, both day and night. And I will give unto him strength such as is not known among men." Everyone has been telling me that your last transfer, you're completely exhausted all the time, and I believe them. I have never been so tired in my life. It's been really cool to apply the Lord's promise in this scripture though...whenever I feel really tired, we go out and talk to people, and all of sudden I have energy to keep working. It's so cool!

This morning, I was studying in 1 Nephi 2, and there are so many principles in there that are applicable to us. In that chapter, the Lord asks Lehi and his family to leave behind all of their comforts and head out into the wilderness. Obviously that would be quite difficult to leave behind your nice home and go spend the rest of your life living in a tent. It was interesting to see how they each responded to the test. Lehi was faithful and obeyed, Laman and Lemuel murmured, Nephi prayed to have his heart softened, and Sam was so  humble and willing he accepted the testimonies of others. In our lives, we're often required to make sacrifices and go through hard things. Sometimes we murmur like Laman and Lemuel because we 'know not the dealings of that God who created us.' But if Lehi and his family hadn't made that sacrifice, we wouldn't  have the Book of Mormon today. Our sacrifices bless others, and although we do not always understand why we're called to wade through certain afflictions, God does. We can trust that He loves us and no matter what happens, it is for our good. (1 Nephi 11:17).

Fun fact for the day, did you know that Lehi and his family had a pet? They had a pet flea. In the Book of Mormon, the Lord commands Lehi to take his family and "flea" into the wilderness. The things we learn from studying the scriptures. =)

So, I have a new companion! Her name is Sister Varty and she's so awesome! She's from Millerville, Alberta, so I get one last Canadian companion! She's a really sweet sister, and she's a very obedient, diligent missionary! She's awesome!

We had a cool experience this week! We got a media referral for a lady named Anne-Marie who wanted some help painting her house. We went and did service for her and we chatted a little bit about the gospel. She has a new baby and so she's starting to think about how she wants to raise him and how to protect him from the evils in the world. We talked with her about prophets and how we have one on the earth today to help us do just that. She's going to let us come back this week and share more with her. It's really exciting!

My testimony of planning was strengthened a lot this week. When we plan, the Spirit can help us more. Sister Varty and I have been planning a lot more effectively for our lessons, and it's made such a huge difference. We spend our personal studies focused on our investigators, and then in companion study we make detailed lesson plans according to what we learned in personal study. Last week, we had a really powerful lesson with an investigator named Fostina on the Restoration. As we taught, she totally understood because the Spirit was there. She understood the pattern of apostasy, the need for the Restoration, the role of the Book of Mormon, etc. Planning is inspired.

I Love You All!
Sister Dille
This is our ward mission leader, Brother Miles.

A missionary who served in the ward came back to visit and I talked with her mom.  It turns out we're very distantly related through the Dille's side, so we obviously took a picture!

We learned how to use a drill today to hang up hooks in somebody's washroom.  We were quite proud of ourselves, if you can't tell.

This is a little girl we are teaching named Romina.  She's a member's daughter and she only speaks Spanish.

Romina wanted to take pictures with us at church.  She drew us a picture too.

A member gave us a chocolate cake.  TOTALLY. MADE. OUR. DAY!!!!!!

Monday, July 17, 2017

I'm Staying in Mississauga to Finish My Mission!..........


Wow, can I just say that goal setting and planning are such powerful tools! Since we were almost 99% sure this was Sister Holmstead's last week as a sister training leader, we wanted to end it by hitting the standards of excellence. We set our goals and made our plans and then did our best to carry them out. We're both so weak and simple, but the Lord took our simple efforts and magnified them. We were blessed this week with so many miracles...
~We were in an apartment building dropping by a potential investigator and a man walked by to throw out his garbage while we were standing outside a door. We started talking with him, and he told us he had been sitting inside debating on whether or not he should leave his family. Something told him to take out the garbage so he did, and we ran into each other. He really wants to change and we get to help him!
~We started teaching a Muslim couple we met a few weeks ago who were going through a rough time.
~A member called us last p-day and said, "Sisters, can you come right now and come teach my friend?!"
~Five of our investigators came to church on Sunday!
The Lord is so good to us...I can't even handle it! These experiences really built my testimony that people are not numbers...they are children of God and it's our responsibility to reach out to them. 

God's timing never ceases to amaze me...on Wednesday, we showed up to our returning member's house, but she forgot we were coming and was about to leave to go run an errand. So we started working around the area, tracting and OYMing. We met a girl named Zoe as she was coming off the bus. We showed her the Book of Mormon and read Alma 7:11-13 with her. She was like, "Wow, I like that. I don't even like to read, but I'm gonna read this book. Hopefully I can get it done in the next two weeks." Shout out to the Book of Mormon for being true!

We had an amazing lesson with our investigator Dennis...we've been working with him to help  him stop drinking and smoking. When we showed up to our lesson on Friday, he said, "I haven't had a drink since Tuesday." We were so proud of him! I love it when we get to witness the Atonement of Jesus Christ changing people!

There are just some days where your heart is so full of joy, you can't even explain it! Saturday was definitely one of those days...Sam and Stacy both got baptized. My favourite part was seeing the joy on their faces as they came up out of the water, having just made such important covenants with God. It was so awesome!

Well, another transfer has ended. Sadly, Sister Holmstead's time in Mississauga is over and she's headed up to Georgian Bay. I get to stay and finish off my mission is Mississauga with Sister Vardy. =)

I love you all!
Sister Dille
Sam's baptism :)  Sam asked me to speak and it was really special :)

Stacy's baptism :)

Missionaries in my district

Sister Training Leaders ( And Elders)

These are some of the missionaries I came out with from the MTC!

Monday, July 10, 2017

Don't worry....sometimes it's freaking hard!

Hi Guys!

I hope you all had a great week! Our week went by super fast! On Tuesday, since it was our p-day and it just happened to be the fourth of July, President and Sister Shields invited all the missionaries over in the Brampton Zone for a BBQ. It was super fun, but I have to say, it was really weird being in normal clothes at President's house and seeing President walk around in slippers, hahaha. :)

On Wednesday, we had MLCs, which are always super good! I always love meetings because you're just called to repentance so much! You come away from the meeting with so much to work on that can help your area. One of the things we talked about was talking with everyone. President's been bringing that up frequently for the past few weeks, and it's been so cool to see the miracles that have come from it! After MLC, we had a lesson with an investigator named Trisha who we found through talking with everyone. Her dad recently got baptized in Nigeria, so now she's curious about the Church. We went over and we taught her about the Book of Mormon and it was really cool to see how much she wanted to understand the truth. We're going back this week and she wants the rest of her family to join in the lesson. :) (It's like talking with everyone is inspired or something!)

We have an investigator named Stacy who's preparing to be baptized this Saturday. We had a lesson with her a few days ago, and we brought a really nice lady from our ward with us. Stacy asked a question about understanding the Book of Mormon, and our member jumped in to answer. To understand how hilarious this was, you have to know that this member is super sweet, quiet, and kind...she's a really nice Japanese lady. So her answer was, "don't worry, Stacy. Sometimes it's freaking hard!" Sister Holmstead and I about died! It took everything we had to keep it together! It was so funny! 

We met with Stacy after church again yesterday right after her baptismal interview. She was so happy! It was so neat to just see her joy that she's going to be able to enter into a covenant with God. I think that's one of my favourite parts of missionary work...seeing the joy the gospel brings to other people. 

Well, it's officially the last week of the transfer! Honestly, we can't figure out how that happened! Time sure flies! 

I Love You!
Sister Dille

P.S. Next week, I have to start working on My Plan during computer time, so I probably won't have time to email most of you back, but I promise I'm not ignoring you, hahaha! :)
BBQ at President & Sister Shields' house

Would you look at that! Alma!

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

With His Stripes We Are Healed....

Hey Guys!

Sorry, today's email will be fairly short because we're short on time. :)

This week was so crazy! We went on back to back exchanges with our Creditview and Etobicoke sisters, and then we went on exchanges a few days later with Hamilton, so we feel like we haven't really been companions at all this week. I love exchanges though...they're really good opportunities to learn from and serve other sisters! =)

It was Canada Day on Saturday! This was a special Canada Day because it was the 150th anniversary of our country! It also happened to be our 500th day on our missions, so it was pretty sweet! In the morning, we got all dressed up in our missionary appropriate, Canada Day apparel (white shirts and red skirts, hahaha) and we walked to the church for ESL Class. While we were walking, a lady in a minivan rolled down the window and yelled, "Are you twins?!" She went and turned her car around, parked, and got out. She was like, "Sorry! I saw you two from the back and I just had to see if you were twins!" (Sister Holmstead and I don't think we look very much alike, but everybody else up here thinks we're twins, haha). She happened to be in a red skirt and white shirt too, so we took a picture with her. =) It was cool...I love random things like that.

Our mission has been working really hard to talk to more people everyday. We've been asked to talk with 20 people everyday independent of regular finding activities and working with members. On Sunday, our whole mission fasted for the strength, faith, and courage to open our mouths and talk with more people. We've seen so many miracles as we've tried to talk with more people. We've found more of God's children who are prepared to hear the message of the Restoration, and we're so much happier! Missionary work really does bring greater joy!

I want to share my testimony of the healing power of the Atonement. In Isaiah 53:5, it says, "But he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities; the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with His stripes we are healed." I've been able to have some powerful experiences with the Atonement this past week...I never realized before that through Jesus Christ we can be healed. I know that as we rely on Him, he can heal our broken hearts, give us the strength to forgive, and help us have peace to move on.

Hahaha, I guess it didn't end up being that short...had too much to say! 

I love you!
Sister Dille


Monday, June 26, 2017

He told us he's been searching for something.......

Hey Guys!

So many cool stories to little time!

We had zone conference this week in Brampton and it was so good! One of the things we talked a lot about is talking with everyone in our path no matter where we meet them. It doesn't matter if we meet them at the grocery store, in an elevator, or on the street, we share the gospel with them. So after zone conference, we went on exchanges with our Black Creek hermanas, and Hermana Bahadur and I worked on it the whole exchange. We saw so many cool miracles from it. We got two potential investigators in one night. =) Also, we were getting into our car in a parking lot, and a guy was just getting out of his. Hermana Bahadur stopped him, and we chatted with him for a bit and then invited him out to church. Sunday rolls around and into the church building he comes! He told us that he's been searching for something (we have the answers, hahaha!) He said that he never goes to the parking lot we met him in and he never stops when religious people try to talk with him, but he couldn't stop staring when he saw our tags. So prepared! 

We taught Sister Pat the word of wisdom last week, and came up with a plan for her to stop drinking coffee. She told us, "if it's bad for me, I'll stop!" We came back the next night, and she said, "I've put all my coffee away...I'm done." That right there is what you call faith, my friends! She's so cool!

Funny story of the week...on exchanges, we had to go to Shopper's to buy Hermana Bahadur an ankle brace. In the store, we gave a card to an older guy named Al (he had a super cool handlebar mustache and a bowler's hat!). Anyway, while we were going through the braces, he found us again and started giving us a bunch of tips for fixing foot problems. He was like, "Number one, you have to lose weight! With foot problems you always have to lose weight. Then, you have to get a rubber ball and run your foot over it for awhile. Then you get Nivea cream and rub it all over your foot. It has to be made by the Germans! Then wrap a plastic bag around your foot and walk around for two hours. All the bad stuff will come out of your foot while you walk. When you're done, you'll feel like you're walking on the clouds! Then you must wash off your foot in cold water. It has to be cold because if your body is hot then your blood will be hot. Your foot will be feel better. That kind of advice is normally $250, but for you, it's free!" =)

I love you!
Sister Dille

We went to a berry farm and thoroughly enjoyed being on a farm again!

Matchin' pajamas!

I discovered you can make smiley faces out of mangos and apples :)

Exchanges with Black Creek

I found Sister Gariki at Zone Conference.

I found Sister Snickers at Zone Conference :)

Exchanges with Sister Bahadur.

Monday, June 19, 2017

My Name Is On A Canadian Police Report.....

Hey Guys!

Well, another week has come and gone! Holy cow times sure goes by fast! We had a great week and saw lot of tender mercies and miracles!

On Tuesday, we had an amazing tender mercy. So we went to this apartment building to drop by two less-active members. We prayed that we would be able to get in and then headed off. When we got in the building, we were looking through the directory to see if we could find the less-actives on the list. As we were looking, a guy came and opened the door for us (blessings!) We dropped by both sisters, but neither of them were home. We'd been let into the building way too easily so we knew there must be a reason we were there. We began knocking on doors on the fourth floor and nobody was really interested. Then we get to door number twelve and a Portuguese woman named Maria answered. She's had a really difficult life, and it was so cool to be able to talk with her about the gospel and how it could help her. She agreed to let us bring a Portuguese Book of Mormon to her. Things happen! Fourth floor, twelfth door! (Read President Uchtdorf's talk from general conference last fall if you don't get that joke). ;)

Well, the other tender mercy that goes along with Maria goes as follows. Sister Holmstead and I were super tired that day! We were seriously falling asleep while we were standing up having conversations with people. When we came home for dinner that night, we decided we were more tired than hungry so we took a nap. We set a timer for thirty minutes so we could get up and get ready before our interviews with President at 5:00. Well, apparently when we fell asleep, we went out hard because the alarm on the phone went off, and we slept through the whole thing. Then, at about 4:50, President Shields called to let us know they were running about ten minutes late because of the traffic, but we slept through that too! (Apparently it was a much needed nap). Well, the Lord is so good to us because He made sure Sister Holmstead woke up at 4:55 so we could still have time to get up, throw a snack together, and still beat President and Sister Shields to the church. :)

For the funny experience of the week (this is also the craziest experience of my mission)...on Wednesday after district meeting we went on exchanges with our Churchville YSA sisters, and I don't think I've ever had such a powerful lesson about the Lord's timing. Sister  Hollyman and I went off to our first appointment with one of their new converts. She happened to be a few minutes late so we just figured out our schedule really quickly. Then we had lunch and a lesson with her and we were off again. We dropped by a less-active member and then tracted in the area a little bit. While we were tracting, Sister Holmstead called and asked if I had accidentally taken my GPS with me. We checked the car, and sure enough, it was sitting in my bag. (Oops!) So we arranged to meet them at Square One and drove off to meet them. They took a wrong turn and got lost so they were a few minutes behind, but they eventually got there and all was well in Zion. We contacted around Square One for awhile and then started heading back to the car. Let me say, the Lord's timing is was such a tender mercy that their new convert was late for the lesson, that I accidentally took the GPS, that the other sisters were lost and showed up late, the length of our conversations with all the people we talked with, etc. because as we were going back to the car, we heard cars honking and slamming on the breaks. We looked ahead and saw a little girl running across the road. She ran up the steps to the mall and played there for a bit and then started running back again to the road. We took of running to catch her before she got to the road again. Luckily we caught her just as she was stepping out onto the road. So now Sister Hollyman and I are standing with this lost little girl trying to figure out what to do. We walked with her into the mall, and she was just holding my hand and chattering happily away as we searched for a security guard who could help us. We eventually found two and they took us back to their main office while they called the local police to see if anyone had reported a missing child. Eventually, the police called back and said they found the little girl's grandma and they were on their way. The police showed up, and the little girl was returned to her family. So now Sister Hollyman and I have our names on a Canadian police report, hahaha. As crazy as the experience was, it was a really good reminder that God's timing is much better than mine. Had our schedule turned out any differently that day, we would not have been where we needed to be to find that little girl and she could've been hit by a car.

But the story doesn't end there. Later that night, Sister Hollyman and I were driving home, and their GPS is very very old, so it wasn't giving me very good instructions. We got to a point in the road where I could take one of three forks in the road...left, straight, or right. Well, the moral of the story is always choose the right, because when you choose to go straight, the road takes you to the Toronto-Pearson International Airport, which is the home of the most confusing road system in the world in my opinion. We got lost at the aiport on exchanges. :) Sister Hollyman thought it was great though because it gave her ample opportunities to tease me and remind me that in 10 weeks, I'll be there. In fact, as we finally found our way out, a plane took off and flew right over our car. She turned to me and said, "Sister Dille, Sister Dille! What's that called?!...10 Weeks!" So that's our fun story about finding a missing child and getting lost at the airport, hahaha. Oh the things that happen on exchanges!

Love you!
Sister Dille
Playing soccer last p-day in our super cool matching MTC t-shirts.

Exchanges with Sister Hollyman and Sister Skeen.

Dinner at Momma's house (she's a really cool Jamaican lady in our ward)!

We had a lesson with a YW in our ward named Brittany on marking her scriptures for a mission.

This is for Sister Holmstead's's the picture she promised you of Mississauga.

Monday, June 12, 2017

Suhil from Syria and flower juice.....

Hey Guys!

This week was so cool! Sister Holmstead and I have been working on talking with as many people as we can each day, and we've seen so many tender mercies! I'll share a few of my favourite ones.

1. We were walking home one night, and there was a man on the other side of street. Sister Holmstead was like, "let's go for it!" We crossed and started talking to him, and it was a super good conversation! We taught him about the Book of Mormon and showed him a copy. He asked, "can I have that?!" He's going on a trip, but he said he'll call us when he gets home! (Fingers crossed 😀)

2. We were coming out of a lesson from our investigator's apartment building. There was a man sitting at the other building across the driveway, so we went to go talk with him, but a lady came out the door and right to us. She asked who we were and what church we were from, so we explained and shared the Plan of Salvation pamphlet with her. She's going through a really difficult time in her life right now, and she wants to make some changes. She gave us her number and asked us to come visit her next Sunday!

Man, this week flew by so fast! On Thursday, we had MLC in Brampton, and it was so good! We learned a lot about how we can work better with members, because members are our best source for finding solid people to teach. We've been trying to figure out how to do that better in our area, so it was definitely an answer to prayers. 

On Sunday after church, we had a lesson with Sam, and Bishop came. It was such a good lesson! We talked about the commandments and how we have a prophet on the earth today. As we talked, Sam shared with us some of his past experiences and how he's so excited to make changes to his life. He now has a baptismal date for July 15th! It's such a privilege to be teaching someone who is so humble!

Well, summer has officially come to Canada! We walked out of our apartment yesterday for church and it was already 30 degrees at 8:00. By the time we came out of church, it was 40 degrees! We're melting over here!

So Sister Holmstead and I tried a new food this week. We went to teach our investigator Suhil, who's from Syria (cool side note...we learned he's really really famous over in the Middle East for his art work! We're teaching a famous person! We're gettin' his autograph at the next lesson!) At the end of each visit, he always gives us something to drink, and this week it was flower juice. They apparently make a syrup out of flowers and put tons and tons of sugar in it. Then you mix it with water and it's basically like drinking flower flavoured sugar water, hahaha. We had TONS of energy for the rest of the day. 😉 

I hope you all have a great week!

Sister Dille

We just decided to take a random picture of our lunch

This is us walking home from church yesterday, melting in the sun!

Monday, June 5, 2017

Two's...Three's....Six's....Seven's....I Love Canada!

Hey Guys!

Well, we'll start with the bad news...Sister Seegmiller thinks she's leaving me. Apparently she thinks she needs to go to Hamilton or something. My new companion is going to be Sister Holmstead. I came out from the MTC with her and she's from Utah. She's really cool and I'm excited...I've exchanged with her before and she's a wonderful sister! It's also such a tender mercy that Sister Seegmiller is only going to Hamilton because those are the other STLs we exchange with, so we'll get to go on exchanges with each other and we'll still get to see each other at MLCs. :)

Other than our devastating call from the assistants last night telling us we aren't staying together for a third transfer, our week was great. We had a really cool tender mercy. During weekly planning last week, we set a goal to find three new, have six member present lessons, and get seven referrals. We've been really struggling with those three key indicators for the past few weeks, so we decided we were done with two's and three's, we wanted sixes and sevens, hahaha. On exchanges with Sister Nelson, I learned about how to ask for referrals more effectively, which we were then able to implement throughout the week to help us get more referrals, and then we were very blessed to be able to find so many members to come teaching with us. We've also been going on lots of car fasts, so we've been able to find a lot of potentials who we were able to call and set up appointments with so they could become new investigators. By the time we counted up our numbers last night to send in, the Lord had blessed us to achieve our goals. The Lord takes such good care of us. :)

We had a really powerful lesson with our investigator from Jamaica on Saturday night. We call her Sister Pat. :) We gave her a church tour, and then we showed her the Restoration video, and the Spirit was so strong. After the video, she told us that she knows Joseph Smith was a prophet. She really has the gift of believing, it's so incredible! I'm so grateful for powerful moments like that! 

I wanted to encourage you all to read something. This week, I was studying about the restoration of the priesthood in Joseph Smith History 1:68-end. It was such a powerful experience for me. I also read Oliver Cowdry's testimony at the bottom, and it's so powerful. I know that if you read it, your testimonies of the Restoration of the priesthood will be strengthened too!

On Saturday, we went on a car fast and it was REALLY long! It also happened to be the time we need to do an actual fast and it was hot. So by the time we were getting close to the end of the day, we were pretty burned out. We were walking along the sidewalk, and this car salesman was cutting balloons off the cars. We said hello to him, and he asked if we wanted the balloons. Uh, of course we want free balloons! So we happily walked back home with our big balloons trailing behind us, hahaha. It's a new contacting technique we're trying out. ;)

Funny story of the week...once upon a time Sister Dille and Sister Seegmiller were doing studies. Sister Dille was reading Jesus the Christ and had to look up a word in the dictionary. She stumbled across the word 'ache' and for whatever reason, her brain did not process the word correctly. She was trying to figure out how to pronounce it and the only things she could come up with were a-chee and a-shee. Now thoroughly confused, she reads the definition- a dull pain. "Oh! Ache," she calls out. Wow! You know you're tired when...hahaha. Good thing my companion doesn't judge. :)

Love you!
Sister Dille

P.S. Sorry, because of transfers, I probably won't have time to email very many people. I promise I'm not ignoring you! :)

Monday, May 29, 2017

Chocolate Chip Cookies & Tender Mercies....

Hey Guys!

We had a busy week, and it went by so fast! We had two exchanges this week, so we felt like we weren't really companions. On one of our exchanges though, we had such a cool tender mercy!

I was with Hermana Karpa and we were walking to Sister Lau's to help her with her English class and it was POURING rain. We were completely soaked, and I found out that my raincoat isn't as waterproof as I thought, hahaha. The water from skirt was dripping down my legs into my boots and the wind was blowing so hard we couldn't use umbrellas. It was great! ;) It made us appreciate dry clothes and shoes a lot more. So we got to the appointment, shared our message, and then started putting our coats/rain boots back on. Sister Lau was like, "sisters, I drive you home." Tender mercy! We were able to go back to our apartment and have enough time to put our stuff in the drier. Then for tender mercy #2, we had talked about chocolate chip cookies that morning walking to Sister Lau's, and all day I wanted chocolate chip cookies so badly! We went to another appointment at Sister Miner's house and when we stepped in the door, she was putting cookies in the oven, and they just so happened to be chocolate chip. :) She told us that she felt prompted to make them for us. The Lord is so good to us.

Yesterday, we were on a car fast, and we met the most hilarious people! We met this older guy who was wearing a cowboy hat and jamming out to rap music while he cleaned his pick-up truck. We met this young mom walking down the street pushing a stroller, so we said, "Hi! How are you?" She said, "I'm not interested!" (Kind of a strange mood to be in). Then we knocked on this door, and a lady opened. We asked how she was doing and she told us, "I'm really angry. Why did you knock? I have a doorbell right there and you didn't use it." Then we offered to do free housework for her and all hard feelings cleared up. She's going to let us come back in two weeks as long as we don't try to convert her... ;) 

We went to downtown Toronto this morning, and it was so cool! There were so many people. We got to see the CN Tower, Union Station, the waterfront area, a cool park with old trains, and a bunch of cool people. It took up a lot of our time, so I probably won't have time to email a lot of you back, but I love you!

Sister Dille