Monday, October 3, 2016

Belgian Chocolate!!!!


Sorry, this letter won't be super detailed because we're in a rush, haha!

This week was busy, stressful, and so wonderful all wrapped up into one! First off, Bowmanville is so wonderful! The members here have such a strong desire to share the gospel, and they're acting on that desire by inviting their friends and family members to come to activities with them, to read the Book of Mormon, and even to be taught by the missionaries! It is so powerful when members share the gospel! Bowmanville is a big ward! It has about 220 active members, so it's about five times the size of my last branch! It's going to be a bit of a change, haha!

My new companion is so wonderful! Sister Snickers is from Belgium, she speaks French, she just got a huge box of Belgian chocolate in the mail (blessings!!!), and we have the same trainer, haha! I'm going to learn so much from her!

We got to go to the temple on Friday! It was the first time I had been in over six months, so it was so wonderful to go back and be able to feel the Spirit inside! Temples are such a huge blessing in our lives!

General conference was wonderful! I am so grateful that we have prophets and apostles on the earth today to teach us and to help us stay on the path! I loved Elder Oaks talk on...member missionary work, haha! Pray for opportunities to stand as a witness of Christ! I also loved the talk about being ambitious for Christ! We have such an amazing opportunity as members of the Church to reach out to others and help them come unto Christ! 

We had such a cool miracle this morning because we opened out mouths! We had to get our car fixed, and at first, I was a bit disappointed that we had to spend a good chunk of our p-day sitting in a car repair shop, but anyways, there we were! So we were sitting on some chairs and a guy was just wandering around the waiting area, so we said hi to him and started up a conversation. He said he's been studying with a different religious group, but he had questions about the plan of salvation and some of our other beliefs. He told us that when he saw us walk into the building, he could tell there was something different about us (a wholesomeness, he called it) before he even saw our name tags! We invited him to let us teach him, but he's not quite ready. We left him with a pamphlet and a card though, and it was so cool to be able to share the gospel with someone! Opening your mouth works! This was honestly one of the coolest experiences on my mission so far!

I love you all so much! Have a wonderful week!


Sister Dille

Look who I found at transfers!

Hehe, both of my French companions! (Man, you'd think after spending so much time with French people, I'd be able to speak a teeny bit of the language by now!)

 My new district!​


Oh my goodness gracious! My companions got a big box full of Belgian chocolate in the mail! What a wonderful time to get transferred!

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