Monday, September 26, 2016


Well, another transfer has come and gone! It's on to transfer number 6! After this transfer, I'm halfway done! So crazy. Well, I'm going to make you wait until the end of my email to tell you what happened with transfers.

This week was kind of a blur. We were finishing up all the areas we wanted to tract, saying our "just-in-case" goodbyes to the members, all the good end of transfer things! Most days, we kind of felt like we were running around like chickens with our heads cut off!

We had more active member appointments this week than we've ever had before, and it was amazing. We had so many activities going on, I can't remember them all, but it was an amazing week!
Last Tuesday, we were having an absolutely perfect day! All of our appointments worked out, we had two meal appointments, everyone we talked to was super nice! But then, we went to open our apartment door, and our perfection came to a screeching halt... THE KEY BROKE OFF IN THE LOCK!!!!  Well, do you remember that window Sister Hunter and I jumped through six months ago when we locked ourselves out? Well, guess what we did again, haha? Only this time, we had to work around the A/C. Luckily for us, our landlord was able to come after we jumped through and she was able to replace our  lock. What a lovely, lovely experience!!! On Saturday, we went to an appointment with a returning member and I had another lovely experience with a dog. We were teaching her lesson #3, The Gospel of Jesus Christ. About five minutes in, I noticed that something wet was seeping through my dress. I was like, "oh my goodness, oh my goodness, please, please be water." Unfortunately for me, I found out that it was not water! Such a wonderful experience to end my time in Brockville, haha.
My testimony this week of relying on the Lord during trials has definitely been strengthened this week! We have a returning member who recently lost her brother, but despite the pain and the difficulty that she has been experiencing, she continues to smile and put her trust in the Lord. She is a wonderful example to us! 

I'm sorry this is a short email, but we're in a rush because we have to Brampton tonight because...I'M LEAVING BROCKVILLE! I will be going to Bowmanville with Sister Snickers! She's from Belgium, she just finished training, and I heard she's amazing! She speaks French too. I've decided all of my companions have to be from Utah or Alberta, or speak French. That's definitely been the pattern so far! Bowmanville is actually only about 20 minutes away from where my first area, Cobourg was. Back to the Oshawa Zone (I'm convinced I'm never leaving the east side of the mission, haha). Bowmanville is actually where Sister Hunter was transferred last time to train, so I'm kicking her out and stealing her companion! I'm really sad to be leaving the people here because they've come to mean so much to me, but I'm really excited to go learn new things in Bowmanville with Sister Snickers!!! 

Sister Dille


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