Monday, October 17, 2016

Posing Camels, Bees & Car Problems

Oh boy, oh boy do I have a good story for ya'll, but I'm going to save it for the end because I want to save the best for last.

Well, this transfer is halfway over and I can't believe it! Where does the time go?! Anyway, we had skills and interviews last Thursday and it was wonderful! President and Sister Shields taught us about the importance of not being commanded in all things. They taught us that if our area is struggling with something, study it in Preach My Gospel, and then get on our knees and plead for the Lord's direction. He said it's important though that we don't just sit around in our apartment until the answers come, but that we need to get out and work. 

After skills and interviews, we had exchanges! I went to Oshawa again, (I've had exchanges with the Oshawa STLs my entire mission) with Hermana Tyler. It was so much fun! We taught a lot of lessons, like more than I think I've ever taught in one day. We ate dinner with a family from the Philippines and they made us something called adobo (sorry, don't show that to Elder Dille because it's probably spelled wrong). It's chicken and rice, and it's super good! 

Last night, our ward mission leader held a Why I Believe fireside at the church. Members could come and share their conversion experiences with whoever was there. It was really powerful! I think sharing your testimony is one of the most powerful ways to invite the Spirit, which reminds me of another story...on Saturday, we were teaching an investigator named Cody. A lady from our ward, Sister Sherlock, and her son, Ethan, came with us. At one point in the lesson, Ethan shared a very short and simple testimony of his baptism, and it brought the Spirit so powerfully into the lesson! It was such a great reminder to me that the simplest testimonies are often the most powerful!

Okay, now for the funny story of the week...This is the story of how Heather became a former. On Wednesday, we decided that we needed to heart attack one of our investigators, because she wasn't responding to any of our texts or calls. So, we go to her house, cut out the pictures, write a note to her, and then start taping everything onto her front door. Well, wouldn't ya know that she drives up right as we're standing on her front porch. But here, it gets awkward. She sees us, backs out of the driveway, and then starts circling the block, waiting for us to leave! So awkward! We get back in the car, and just our luck, it won't start! The engine won't even turn over! Ah! So we start calling members and finally get ahold of someone who can come help, meanwhile, our investigator is still circling the block waiting for us to leave. We just happened to leave the windows down too, so a bee flew in the car and Sister Snickers hates bees! Anyway, Brother Inengite came, and we messed around with the car for almost two hours! We played with the battery, alternator, and the starter, but no luck! We called a tow truck, and just as it showed up, the car starts! Ugh! I was pretty much done at this point, haha. Well, in the end, the car is working, the bee is gone, and Heather is now a former, haha. 

Have a great week!

Sister Dille

 This is where the branch president of the YSA branch lives.

This member in our ward has Empress trees.
They're the fastest growing tree in the world!
        The leaves are bigger than my face!

It's Fall!

Peterborough zoo!

The camels were totally posing for me! 

Oh my goodness! I found a Cobourg member! It's Sister Russell!

                 Exchanges with Hermana Tyler!

The leaves are amazing up here!

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