Monday, April 17, 2017

The Last Week of the Savior's Life....

Hi Guys!

This week was really good, but holy went by fast! I can't believe it's Monday again. Also, this Sunday is transfer call day already. There's no way it's already been a transfer! 

We had so many cool experiences this week! My favourite though was our investigator Tina got baptized! :) The Spirit was so strong, and so many of the members came out to support her! The best part though was on Sunday, after she got the gift of the Holy Ghost, Bishop let her bare her testimony. It was so powerful! She's such an amazing example of faith! In her testimony, she talked about a priesthood blessing she received where she was counseled to stay strong, believe, have faith, and make the effort. She then encouraged all of us to do the same. It's amazing what the Lord can do in our lives!

We had a cool tender mercy this week. When we woke up on Saturday, it was raining pretty hard, and we had quite a bit of tracting/street contacting that day. We prayed that it would be able to stop raining so we would be able to find people. We went to our English class, and it rained hard all through the class. When we came out to go find, the rain  had stopped, and the sun was out! We were able to go tracting/contacting without fighting the weather. Such a blessing!

I've been reading in Jesus the Christ, and last week, I skipped ahead a little bit, and I studied how the Saviour spent the last week of His life. It made a huge difference for me! Every day last week was special, because I knew what the Saviour was doing at that time when He was on the earth. This week, my Saviour became more of a reality to me, and my testimony of Him was strengthened. If you haven't studied Jesus the Christ, I encourage you to start...your testimony of the Saviour will be strengthened! :)

Here are some funny moments that I stole from Sister Seegmiller's email...

Funny Moment: We were shopping at Shopper's and we went into the line to check out. The lady asked, "did anyone help you?" "No," we said, "why?" Oh well this is the checkouts and returns. Oh we said, seeing the sign.." purchases and exchanges" we are not from here....( as though our lack of seeing the sign could be justified by the country we come from) it was so funny and we felt very foolish. Moral of the story... always read the signs!

Another funny moment was running our 5k:) We got this wonderful idea to include a young woman who loves to run. So we planned the route, well she did. And we went running on our p-day with Brittney. She is amazing, but she is in very good shape, and lets just say Sister Dille and I have some shape to get into. As we began to run and we saw the hill, we could not breathe, we were laughing so hard. We felt so funny and we were saying, "Wait! Slow down.. I think I might need to take a break..." But ran we did, and we finished it in 35 minutes! It was so fun to be with the young woman and to talk about mission life with her. 

I Love You,

Sister Dille

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  1. I enjoy reading your letters, it sounds like you are having fun. Need to ask, where is Sister Seegmiller from? My daughter-in-law's maiden name is Seegmiller, so I was curious. Keep up the good work, you are an example to many here.