Monday, April 3, 2017

Finding Ginco....

Finding Ginco....

This week was so amazing! I have developed a stronger testimony of the word of wisdom...Sister Seegmiller and I have been going running and trying to eat healthier, and it's amazing how much better we've felt! We're able to work harder throughout the day, sleep better at night, and be happier. Your physical health really does affect you spiritually! 

I loved President Monson's talk during general conference! It was short, but powerful. I know that what our prophet said is true, and that reading in the Book of Mormon everyday is so important. So my encouragement to you is to follow our prophet's request to read it everyday. It will bless your life! :)

We had an awesome district meeting on Wednesday! It was on the Restoration of the Gospel. We talked about the Great Apostasy and how it was a time of spiritual darkness, then as the Restoration unfolded, more and more light came with it. Our district leader did a neat demonstration to teach us this principle. When we walked into the room, all the curtains were closed, but the lights were on. So we had a good amount of light, enough to get by anyway. As we talked about the Restoration though, he walked to the back of the room and started pulling all the curtains open. More and more light came into the room. One of the elders shared a neat thought. He said something like, "I didn't really notice how dark it was until we had more light." The gospel brings so much light into our lives, and as we study it and live it more and more, the light in our lives will increase! :) 

We had two pretty awesome experiences this week...

Number One...I was on exchanges with Sister Zick, and we were driving to an appointment. Now, for some reason, the closer you are to the city, the ruder the drivers get. So in Mississauga, we get honked at quite a bit. Well, we were in the left hand lane because we were about to turn in 300 or so meters. The speed limit was 70 k/hr, but I was only going 65. The driver of the minivan behind me was quite put out that I was slowing him down by a whole 5 k/hr, so he proceeded to follow super closely and honk his horn again and again and again. Meanwhile, I'm driving and singing to myself, "he is a child of God..." Hahaha, I love grumpy drivers!

Number Two...On exchanges, Sister Zick and I found this man named Gino who said we could come back the next day to share a message with him. So the next day, Sister Seegmiller and I went to drop by. But! I wrote down the wrong house number. (Hehehe, oops!) So we said a prayer to be able to find Gino, and started re-knocking on all the doors we had knocked the day before trying to find him. Well, I'm sure you're all familiar with the moving Finding Nemo, where Dory can't get Nemo's name right and calls him Bingo, Fabio, Cheeko, etc. We had a wonderful reenactment of the movie as we knocked. My hand writing must've been sloppy or something, because Sister Seegmiller thought his name was Ginco. We'd knock on a door and she'd ask, "hi, we're looking for your neighbour. He's a tall, older, Italian man, etc... His name is Ginco." Then we'd leave their doorstep and I would start laughing my head off, and remind her that his name was Gino. By the time we finished knocking on all the doors he could've lived at, we had probably repeated that phrase about 10 times, and it got funnier and funnier every time. I don't think I've ever laughed so hard on my mission. 

Other Highlights...
- We went on exchanges with the Churchville YSA South Sisters, and it was so fun!
- We got to go to the temple.
- General conference was fantastic!
- We found a new investigator who wants us to come help her son stop drinking!
- The weather was so nice!

Love ya!
Sister Dille

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