Monday, April 24, 2017

Don't Ever Compliment A Lady On Her Cute Purse On A Crowded Bus.....

The transfer is over and we're both staying!!!! We're so excited that we get six more weeks with each other!

We exchanged with our Black Creek North sisters this last week, and I got to go to Black Creek. It's a bus area, and it was my first time on a bus! It was so much fun! You get on and the bus driver starts moving right away, so you have to grab on quickly or you face plant (either that or you land on the lap of the person in front of you, which is kind of an awkward conversation starter if you know what I'm sayin'). There are so many cool people to talk with, and it's so much fun! One of the times we were on the bus,  a lady came and stood in front of me. She had a really cute purse, so I smiled at her, and said, "Hi, how are you? I like your bag." She then proceeded to zip it up, turn away from me, and then move to the other end of the bus as soon as it stopped. Hahaha, looking back now, I see that it's probably not the wisest idea to compliment someone on her purse on a crowded bus in the big city of Toronto, especially since we were working by Jane and Finch; the sketchiest part of Toronto.
Guess what we did yesterday? We made crepes! They turned out pretty good actually. By the time we finished, we figured out the right temperature to make them nice and golden with no brown. I'm so grateful for my good companion! We were at church, and this young mom, Sister Low, came in with her two kids, Grant and Maddie (hehe). All three of them were sick. It was really cool to see that she was still committed to renewing her covenants even though she didn't feel good. Anyways, Sister Seegmiller leaned over and she said, "we should take them dinner." So we made them crepes and took them over. When we walked in, she started crying, and it was really cool to see how something so small and simple touched her.

We had an amazing experience with our investigator Janice this week. On Saturday, after getting back from exchanges, we went over to  her house for dinner. She had worked so hard to make everything perfect, and she had dressed up really nice. She was so happy and had so much energy. It was incredible! Usually when we go, she's really tired and kind of stressed. As we were getting ready to leave, she told us that she's been reading and listening to the Book of Mormon! We've been working with her trying to help  her read for about a month now, so it was so cool to see the difference in her when she finally did it. I'm so grateful for the Book of Mormon. I really notice a difference when I read. I'm happier, our days go better, and you have the Spirit to be with you more.

I love you all!
Sister Dille

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