Monday, March 13, 2017

Mississauga.....Here I Come!

Hi Guys!

Well, as usual, time is flying by. I'm in my last four transfers now! AHHHH! It's crazy how fast time goes.

We got to go see a less-active member this week that I've been trying to get in to see since I got here! She texted us and wanted us to do a primary lesson for her kids. We were so excited. We've been trying to reach out to her whenever we see her by offering to help, seeing how she's doing, etc. I've learned so much about how important it is to love people from her! Once she knew we loved her, she opened up! 

On Wednesday, we had the last district meeting of the transfer. :( For part of the meeting, we went out street contacting. Sister Barrow and I walked over to the gas station and started talking to this guy who was filling up his car with gas. (Mom, he just so happened to be driving a Sequoia!) We talked to a few more people at the bus stop, in the parking lot, on the sidewalk. It was a bit scary, but it was fun to try to talk to everyone, no matter where they were.

Sunday was a bit of a crazy day. One of the speakers got sick, so Sister Barrow and I got asked to speak. We threw some talks together, and voila! I was so nervous, but as soon as I stood up, I felt calm and knew exactly what to say. It was cool! Sister Goral and I played a violin duet, and we made it through! I was so nervous! My hands were shaking so badly I couldn't even vibrato, hahaha. We did singing time in nursery, and I have to say, I was having a hard time remembering all of the Primary songs. Good thing Sister Barrow has little siblings, so she knows them all. :) We taught Peter after church too, and he's almost done with the discussions. I'm so excited for him. His testimony is growing so much, and he's going to be such a powerful member of the Church! 

So Canada got cold again! There was one day this week where it was -30C! The other days have all been about -15 or -20. It's so cold! The wind just blows right through! Sister Barrow and I have now become experts in the art of layering. 

Speaking of Sister Barrow, she finished training! She's not a greenie anymore, hahaha. Last night was her last 12-Week Lesson. We had a little party to celebrate. :)

Well, I'm going to have to end this letter here because we are in a big hurry today! Last night at 9:00, President Shields called, and when President calls on transfer night, you know it's not good. I'm sad to report that I have been transferred. :( Sister Barrow will be staying in Bowmanville and a sister from Denmark will be coming in. Her name is Sister Jensen and she's really sweet. They both came out at the same time. My new companion is actually Sister Jensen's trainer. :) I'll be going with Sister Seegmiller to Mississauga. I've met Sister Seegmiller a few times, and she's really nice! Everyone says she's really sweet and happy. I'm pretty sure she's from Utah. She came out the transfer after me, so we're about the same "mission age." I'm really excited to go learn from her! Mississauga is in the Brampton zone, and it's right outside of Toronto. I'M GOING TO THE CITY! Pray for me.

I love you!
Sister Dille
This is the White Family

This is Jacqueline.  She's a former investigator we visit in the nursing home.

Our last district meeting.

The Ulloa Family

This is a family we are teaching.  Jeff and Lori! :)

The Leebody Family

Gauthier Family.  They made us Mexican food!  I've had Mexican food twice on my mission, and both times have been at their house.  Brother Gauthier owns a catering business, so it's always really good!

Here's Peter!!!!!

Brother Van Alebeek

Sister Gelvez

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