Monday, December 5, 2016

Conversations With Cats & An Ambulance Chasing A Drunk Guy...


The longer I've been on my mission, the harder it is for me to remember what I did that past week when I sit down to write my email!

We went on exchanges with our Sister Training Leaders and it was a much needed exchange!  I was feeling really overwhelmed with trying to be exactly obedient to the rules, trying to work with the ward, trying to talk with people, etc...Sister Allred helped me understand the rules better, she helped me with talking to people, and it was such a good exchange.  It really taught me that I just need to be patient and I need to have faith.  Sometimes the Lord makes us wait awhile before He answers our prayers, but we have to keep exercising our faith...we can't give up and lose faith when life gets difficult.

Well, the time has come for another funny story!  This one may be the best so far, so get prepared.  Once upon a time, two sister missionaries went to a lesson with a less-active member.  This less active member kept going off on completely random and extremely awkward tangents.  The two sister missionaries were trying to teach her about the Sacrament, but she was having none of it!  Then she proceeded to let us know that she has a conversation with her cat every night before bedtime. She then gave us a little demonstration by meowing back and forth with her cat, Daisy.  Meanwhile, I was sitting there thinking to myself, "Wow! This lesson keeps getting better and better!"  But!.....that's not the end!  The tale continues.  Later that night, the sister missionaries were driving to an appointment with a member when they spotted a dog sitting on the side of the road with someone laying down in the grass beside him.  We turned around and ran out to see if he was okay.  (Another car had pulled up in the meantime and was on the phone with 911).  We started asking him questions like, are you okay, what's your name, how old are you, etc. but he was just laying on the grass singing and laughing to himself.  Then, he sat up, and was like, "Holy cow! What are all of these people doing here!"  (He was pretty drunk).  He started  walking away and then the ambulance showed up.  So we watched the ambulance chase a drunk guy down the street to end the day!  The adventures we have as missionaries.

I wanted to share this with it and go Light the World!!!!

It is an advent calendar, but with service instead of chocolate!  We've been sharing this with people and it's really cool!

I hope you all have a great week!


Sister Dille

We made a birthday card for one of our less-active members,
and we were quite proud of ourselves...until Sister Snickers
noticed that I spelled "sister" wrong (and I'm supposed to be
teaching HER English, ha ha).

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