Monday, November 21, 2016

The Field is "White" and Ready to Harvest

The field is white and ready to know why?  Because it's snowing!  Yesterday, we went out tracting  and the temperatures were below zero (celsius), and the wind was howling!  Our feet were completely numb by the time we got back to the car!  Anyway, it kept getting colder and colder, the clouds rolled in and by the time we woke up this morning, there was an inch or two of snow on the ground.

We had stake conference this week, so I got to see some of the members from Cobourg, which was exciting!  Our mission president and his wife came too, to speak a little bit.  The main theme of the adult session was the importance of the Restoration.  I think the Restoration of the Gospel is something I take for granted a lot, but it was so wonderful to be able to hear so many testimonies about the impact that it has had on the lives of others.

This week, I learned about the importance of using my time wisely.  Chapter 8 in Preach My Gospel talks about how important it is to be effective with our time, and it's so true!  The time we have to dedicate to the Lord as missionaries is very short, and it's getting shorter every day.  This really is the Lord's time, and we can't waste any of it.  Sister Snickers and I have really been working on being as obedient as we can and trying to work harder.  It's really cool because this week, we were able to find three new investigators.

So the funny story of the week....On Tuesday, one of our lessons fell through, so we tracted in the area for a few minutes.  One door had a "no soliciting" sign on it, but we're not selling anything, so we knock anyways unless it specifically says "no religion."  We knocked on the door and a huge Rottweiler starts jumping at the window on the door and nearly gave us a heart attack.  Eventually a guy came to the door, we told him we were missionaries, and he yelled, "Oh, so you can read the Bible, but you can't read my sign?"  Afterwhich, he slammed the door and we continued working.  A few days later, we were back in the same area dropping by a potential investigator and we were getting in the car to leave.  We saw a guy walking towards the car, and we decided we should be obedient little missionaries and go talk to him (I bet you can tell where this is going).  I started talking to him, and realized it was the same guy who had yelled at us a few days before.  Luckily, I don't think he recognized us :)

I hope you all have a great week!


Sister Dille

The field is literally white, and ready to harvest!

I found Sister Davenport at stake conference!

These are called cuberdons....they are a Belgian candy.

This is our emergency chocolate supply :)

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