Monday, August 29, 2016

Open Your Mouth!

Hey Everyone! This week was REALLY fun! It was honestly the funnest week of my mission so far.

After p-day ended, we drove to Belleville for exchanges with our STLs. I got to exchange with my favorite STL, Sister Gousse, for the third time! We had so much fun and we found three new investigators! We always find so many new investigators and see so many miracles when we exchange! It's so much fun! 

On Wednesday, we had district meeting all the way in Kingston and we finally got to meet our new district! We have Elder Bedes as the district leader and then he's training Elder Hafen in Napanee, the Elders in Smiths Falls are Elder Olsen and Cofey, and then the senior missionaries in Smiths Falls, the Hatches are here too. We have an awesome district! We learned about prayer and how we can help our investigators receive answers to their prayers. It was super good! We spent tons of time in the car though the first few days. Monday we spent three hours driving to Belleville and back, Tuesday, we spent three hours driving to Belleville and back, and then Wednesday, we spent two hours driving to Kingston and back. I have never done so much driving in my life! 

Something interesting I learned in Preach My Gospel (pg. 110) is we have to always be reading the Book of Mormon to keep our testimonies strong. It says "many investigators either do not read the Book of Mormon or do not understand what they read. Those who do not read or understand the Book of Mormon will have difficulty receiving a witness that it is true." One of my previous district leaders told me once that we can also change that paragraph to fit our lives... "Many people do not read the Book of Mormon...Those who do not read the Book of Mormon will have difficultly retaining a witness that it is true." I can testify that studying from the Book of Mormon daily truly does make a difference in our lives, and if we don't study from its pages often, it will be impossible to retain our witness that it is true.

Anyway, the rest of the week went well. We didn't have too many lessons, but we had so much fun. At the beginning of last transfer, my mission president shared D&C 123:17 with me, and said I just need to choose to be happy, and leave the rest to the Lord. I worked really hard to do it this week, and it works! We had so much fun! 

On Saturday, the relief society sisters threw a baby shower for our investigator, Erin, and she loved it so much! She gave a little speech right before we ate some cake, and she said that her baby is a surprise and a miracle and she attributes it to her faith in the gospel! When members reach out to the people we're working with, it makes all the difference in their progression! After the baby shower, Erin came to the baptism of a little girl in our branch, and she said it was a good experience! She's doing so well and we love her so much!

Okay, last thing. My vision of what it means to open your mouth and talk to everyone has changed so much the past few days! When Elder Ballard came to our mission, he challenged each missionary to talk to ten people for five days outside of normal finding (like tracting and scheduled finding time) and working with members. This means, that as a companionship, we had to find twenty people everyday. Sister Gariki and I were nervous about that, because in an area our size, we sometimes struggle to find ten, but we just dove right in and we were able to talk with almost 150 people in five days! We were so crazy! We pulled the car over and talked to people through the window, if we saw someone walking, we'd park the car around the corner and then run to catch 'em, we'd cross the street and talk with people, and then this morning, we actually talked with someone in the grocery store. It was so much fun! Talking with everyone can be soooo awkward, but it's worth it!

I love you all! Have a great week!

Sister Dille


Man, I'm grateful that I have a French companion, she made crepes!


One of our investigators put this door on his tree for the "keebler elves." We just decided to knock and see if they were interested...ya know, the gospel shall be declared to every creature!

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