Tuesday, August 2, 2016

CPR & Corn on the Cob!

Hello Everyone! Man, this week has been crazy, but I'll try to remember all the cool things that happened!

After p-day was over on Monday, we headed off to exchanges. I went to Oshawa with Sister Gousse this time, and it was so much fun! We taught a lot of lessons and we met a lot of cool people. During one of the lessons, the lady we were teaching had a REALLY hyper beagle. He was jumping all over the couch and all over me! I was trying to share my testimony with her while keeping him from licking my face too! It was an adventure, I tell ya! Oh, so crazy story! In my CNA class in high school, we learned how to catch people if they fall or pass out, and I was like, "I probably won't really need to use this for awhile." BUT, Sister Gousse and I were talking to an older guy named George on the street, and in the middle of our conversation, he passed out on us and I had to catch him and then lower him to the ground so he didn't hit his head. I was checking his pulse and respirations to make sure he wasn't dying. The whole time I was like, "please don't need CPR, please don't need CPR, I didn't bring my mask," haha.  It was so crazy! I didn't think I would have to pull out my EMT skills on my mission, but hey, ya never know! Man, it was so scary! Long story short, he lived, he just has hypotension. ;) I got to call Sister Hunter too since Sister Gousse and Crawford are her sister training leaders. It was fun! Exchanges are one of my favorite things we get to do!

On Wednesday, we found seven new investigators (all from Jamaica)! They work out at the same berry farm as Colin and Verrol (the investigators we found last week). We went back to teach them on Sunday night, and we talked about the Plan of Salvation. Unfortunately for us, they asked ALL the questions you hope investigators don't ask (like why do we have to have agency, what kind of fruit was it, why was it part of God's plan for them to partake of the fruit, etc.). Haha, we think they had it down by the time we left though.

Sister Gariki and I found eleven new investigators this week! I've never seen that many before! It was such an answer to my prayers! Our area was really struggling at the beginning of the transfer, and it was really hard to be patient and keep working when no progress was being made, but the Lord answered our prayers and we have people to work with again! It taught me a powerful lesson on patience. I learned that the Lord answers our prayers in His timing, not ours. All we can do is cheerfully go about the work and be patient with Him. 

I love you all so much! I know that God is real and I know that He hears and answers your prayers! Just be patient and have faith in His timing!

Sister Dille
EXCHANGES!!! (this was my eighth one!)

                Here's  my awesome district! The elders on the back are Elder Coffy (he's in his last transfer of training), Elder Bradford (he's a zone leader), Elder Dardon (he's Elder Coffy's trainer and our district leader), and Elder Lemon (the other zone leader).                           

This is Sister Gariki's first time trying corn on the cob! I taught her how to shuck it and everything! I'll turn her into a farmer by the end of the transfer, haha..

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