Monday, August 22, 2016


So I forgot to tell you all a crazy story that happened last Saturday while we were tracting. We knocked on this door and a guy named Bill opened it. He definitely had some crazy ideas, I'm tellin' ya. But the craziest idea by far came right as we were about to leave. He looked me right in the eye and said, "I'm sure you've been my mother in a previous life." I was like, aaaahhh! Run away, run away!!!!! 

Anyway, on a less creepy note, this week was so awesome! We found four new investigators, saw so many miracles, and really enjoyed the first week of the transfer. The highlight of the week though came at the end. ELDER BALLARD CAME TO OUR MISSION!!!!!

On Sunday morning, they broadcasted a multi-stake conference from Toronto and he spoke to all of the stakes and districts throughout Ontario. I received so many answers to my prayers and questions and it definitely strengthened my testimony of modern day prophets and apostles. How blessed we are to have such faithful disciples of Christ to guide us safely on the path back to our Heavenly Father! 

So I'll share really quickly another miracle I experienced. On Tuesday night, I put my flashdrive in pocket and we drove to a little village called Lyn to drop by some referrals and tract. When we came back to Brockville, I couldn't find my flash drive anywhere! It has all of my mission pictures, family pictures, and family videos on it, so I was pretty devastated. We searched the car multiple times, we called the member we went to visit in Lyn, I emptied my bag several times, prayed a ton, and checked my raincoat pocket about 50 times hoping it would magically show up in answer to my prayers (haha, I should've known better, prayers are answered through exercising our faith...). We decided to drive back to Lyn and check the ground in the area we tracted because we couldn't find it anywhere else. Anne-Marie (the lady we do service for) offered to come help us look. So off we went to Lyn. We checked everywhere, but couldn't find it. We got back to the car, and were putting our stuff in it, then Anne-Marie looks down, and finds my flash drive... IN THE CAR (same spot we had already checked many times!) I was so relieved! God answers our prayers; I've learned that over and over and over again on my mission!

I love you all! Have a wonderful week!
Sister Dille
We had a branch picnic on Saturday!

Not really sure what we're celebrating here... I think we just wanted to eat some junk

Sister Gariki made me some "dreams" to help us stay focused on our purpose.

The Hatches!

Week one is we celebrated with ice cream!

I can't remember if I sent this one or not, but we celebrated six more weeks in Brockville by having some pie!

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