Monday, June 13, 2016

The ICU, Raw Sewage & Having Hope!

This week was super crazy, but it was so good! Sister Hunter and I had a surprise trip to Trenton that threw our schedule off a little bit. We came home on Wednesday and we found out that a sewer pipe had burst in our apartment and we couldn't use the toilet or anything. There was raw sewage sitting in the hallway. On Thursday morning, we walked into the kitchen to get breakfast (the lights weren't on) and I stepped in it!!!!! (I may have screamed a little). ;) Anyway, we called the mission office, and they told us that we had to spend a few days with the Trenton sisters until we could get the problem fixed. It was pretty crazy, and our apartment smelled like an outhouse for awhile! It was really gross!

Even with being out of our area for a few days, we were still able to find two new investigators on Saturday! We're really excited to start teaching them soon! Oh, so we met this really cool guy named Kevin on the street the other day and he let us teach him the Restoration on the street! It was super cool, and it was the first time I've been able to do that before. At the beginning of my mission, talking to people was really, really scary, but the more you do it, the more you love it. It still scares me a little bit, but talking with people really makes you happy because you know that you're trying to share the gospel with them!
This morning, we got a text from our mission president letting us know that there was a man in the ICU at the hospital here. He was in critical condition because of his heart and he wanted to meet with the missionaries and get a priesthood blessing. We started calling any priesthood holders we knew of that lived close by, and we were able to find Brother Wilcock and Brother Kelly (our branch mission leader). They gave him a very nice blessing, and he actually wants us to come back and teach him in the hospital later on this week! (We're really excited because he is super nice and he's really funny)! He wanted his phone charger unplugged from the wall, so Brother Kelly went over and unplugged it. Of course, we're in an ICU room with tons of chords and equipment, so Brother Kelly didn't want to pull the wrong one. He unplugged the charger, and as soon as he did, the guy yelled, "OH, YOU KILLED ME!" and then started laughing. The look on Brother Kelly's face was priceless! It was so funny!

I've been studying a lot about hope the past few days, and I have learned so much. These past few weeks have been wonderful, but they've also been very challenging and I've really felt my testimony being tried. In my studies this morning, I found several scriptures talking about hope that really brought me a lot of peace. In 2 Nephi 31:20, it basically says that we just need to keep moving forward, keep loving God, and everything will work out! Then in Alma 58:10-11, it talks about how Helaman and his army received great strength, faith, and hope through prayer. It reminded me of the scriptures in Mosiah 24 where the people have heavy burdens placed upon them, almost heavier than they can bear. However, as they prayed and sought the Lord's help, He didn't take their burdens away, but he strengthened their backs so they could bear them with ease. If we have hope through the Atonement of Christ, He can help us through any trial!

I love you all!
Sister Dille

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