Monday, June 27, 2016

More Cat Problems!

Wow, this week has been super busy, I'm trying to remember everything that happened! On Wednesday, we had zone conference. The Oshawa, North York, and Kingston zones were all combined, so there were a lot of missionaries there. I got to see one of my trainers, Sister Spiekerman! It was so cool to see her. Since she's going home soon, she also gave her departing testimony and it was so wonderful to be able to hear it!

I learned so much at zone conference and I received so many answers to my prayers! The biggest thing I learned about though was humility. In order to help the people in my area, I really need to humble myself and start focusing more on them. It's also been interesting as I've studied the Book of Mormon the last few days to see how humility ties into the principle of obedience. If I'm not humble, I can't be obedient and I can't have the Spirit!

After zone conference, we went on exchanges. Sister Hunter went to Oshawa and I stayed in Brockville with Sister Gousse. I was actually kind of stressed out about exchanges because it was the end of the week, we hadn't found any new investigators yet, and Sister Hunter was gone. I remember praying that night and really asking for His help. I was feeling overwhelmed. The next day, we went and taught one of our returning members, and then we felt like we should tract in the area. As we knocked on doors and shared the message of the Restoration, we found five new investigators! It was so wonderful to be able to share the Restoration with so many people and it was honestly one of the happiest times of my mission so far! As we walked back to our apartment, we also met a really cool lady named Pam. We talked with her about the Plan of Salvation and she told us about how she loves helping people find God in their lives. Before she walked away though, she started rubbing her hands together (she said it was to warm up her praying hands!) and then she prayed with us right there on the sidewalk! It was so cool! I've never had that experience before. We ran into her on Friday too and she prayed with us again! She's one of the coolest people I've met on my mission so far! I loved it!
On Saturday, we went to a member's home for dinner (Jeannie), and she had one of her friends over who belongs to a different church (Pat). Before we came, Jeannie had given Pat a copy of the Ensign, and Pat had read it cover to cover. While she read, she wrote down a bunch of questions and then Jeannie had us answer them while we were there. When she showed us the list, I may have had a small panic attack! Some of them were kind of tricky to answer, but it actually went really well, and Pat is super cool! We taught her a little bit about the Plan of Salvation, and she taught us about some of her beliefs. It was a really cool experience!

On Saturday, we taught one of our investigators, John, and while I was sharing my testimony with him about prayer, his cat (Bob)  jumped into my lap and started ripping pages out of my scriptures! I have bad luck with cats on my mission! Luckily, we were able to tape it back together, but boy was I mad at that cat, haha! :) 

My testimony that God hears and answers our prayers has definitely been strengthened this week. I am so grateful that we have a loving Heavenly Father who loves us enough to listen to our prayers. I know that He truly does listen to our prayers, that He knows our worries, our fears, and our weaknesses. I know that He is aware of our circumstances and that He loves every single one of His children. I know that He will always answer our prayers in His own timing.

I love you all!
Sister Dille
I got to see Sister Spiekerman at zone conference! She going home at the end of next transfer. It's really weird when your companions start leaving!

We said goodbye to President and Sister Clayton at zone conference! They leave on Thursday!

We found a new investigator, so we celebrated by doing some monkey bars!

This is Catherine and John-Marie (our investigators who are deaf)! The lady in the wheelchair is Sister Timms. She knows some sign language, so she comes teaching with us and helps us out!

This is Jeannie's friend, Pat. She is super cool!

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