Monday, May 30, 2016

The big, fat cat!


Well, the first week of the transfer is officially over and it went by way too fast! We had a busy week, and it was awesome! Last Monday, we had a lesson with one of our returning members. We taught him about the first vision, and it was a very powerful lesson. I felt the Spirit so strong in his lesson, (one of the strongest times I've ever felt it before) it was such a neat experience. The only problem was the returning member has a very fat and mean cat. I was sharing my testimony and then the cat jumped up on my lap and started digging his claws into me. It kinda ruined the moment, haha. :) 

We have three other returning members who are getting ready to go to the temple this month too, so we've been doing a lot of work with them lately to help them get ready to go. It's been amazing to watch them progress and to watch their faith increase as they prepare to enter the House of the Lord!

Sister Hunter and I received a big answer to our prayers on Saturday night. We have an investigator who we love so much, but we've been really worried about her. On Saturday, she asked if we could come over so she could talk to us. I was really nervous she was going to tell us that she didn't want to meet anymore, but actually she really opened up to us and told us about the things she's been struggling with. It was so powerful! She also asked if we could help her make the arrangements so she can get a priesthood blessing. It made my whole day! We were so excited when we left that we both started crying! It was such a great experience!
I love you guys!
Sister Dille

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