Monday, May 9, 2016

Learning Sign Language

Wow, this week went by so fast! it was such an amazing week, and we saw so many miracles! The week kind of got off to a rocky start, and we were a little bit overwhelmed and discouraged. We had an investigator preparing for a baptismal date on May 7, but we went over to his house to teach him, and he was standing outside with a bag full of all the books we had given him (Bible, Book of Mormon, etc.). He told us that he didn't want to get baptized or meet with us anymore. It was so sad to watch him reject the gospel, especially after seeing his faith grow so much! Sister Hunter and I talked about it though, and we decided that we couldn't let it discourage us, and we just needed to get back to work. So that's exactly what we did, and we've seen miracle after miracle!

Yesterday was, by far, the best day of my mission. After branch council in the morning, we walked into the chapel and two of our investigators were sitting on a pew waiting for us. We were soooo excited to see them. We've only taught them twice, but we love them so much. It's so much fun to teach them, because they're both deaf, so we really have to simplify because our sign language is extremely limited. The branch did such a good job of helping them feel welcome, and we taught the members how to say things like "how are you," "my name is," and "thank you," to them in sign language. It was such a great day, and there was such a strong feeling of love during church.

This week, my appreciation for the Plan of Salvation, and the Atonement that makes it all possible has increased so much! I am so grateful that even when we have hard days, the Atonement is there to strengthen us. I am also so grateful that because of the Atonement, death has no sting, and the grave has no victory. One day, we will again be able to see all of our loved ones who have passed on. This life is not the end. Our loving Heavenly Father has a perfect Plan for His children, and this life is but a small part of that plan. I am so grateful for the knowledge we have that we will be able to see our beloved friends and family again!

I love you all and you are in my thoughts and my prayers!
Sister Dille
Skyping on Mother's Day!

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