Monday, July 17, 2017

I'm Staying in Mississauga to Finish My Mission!..........


Wow, can I just say that goal setting and planning are such powerful tools! Since we were almost 99% sure this was Sister Holmstead's last week as a sister training leader, we wanted to end it by hitting the standards of excellence. We set our goals and made our plans and then did our best to carry them out. We're both so weak and simple, but the Lord took our simple efforts and magnified them. We were blessed this week with so many miracles...
~We were in an apartment building dropping by a potential investigator and a man walked by to throw out his garbage while we were standing outside a door. We started talking with him, and he told us he had been sitting inside debating on whether or not he should leave his family. Something told him to take out the garbage so he did, and we ran into each other. He really wants to change and we get to help him!
~We started teaching a Muslim couple we met a few weeks ago who were going through a rough time.
~A member called us last p-day and said, "Sisters, can you come right now and come teach my friend?!"
~Five of our investigators came to church on Sunday!
The Lord is so good to us...I can't even handle it! These experiences really built my testimony that people are not numbers...they are children of God and it's our responsibility to reach out to them. 

God's timing never ceases to amaze me...on Wednesday, we showed up to our returning member's house, but she forgot we were coming and was about to leave to go run an errand. So we started working around the area, tracting and OYMing. We met a girl named Zoe as she was coming off the bus. We showed her the Book of Mormon and read Alma 7:11-13 with her. She was like, "Wow, I like that. I don't even like to read, but I'm gonna read this book. Hopefully I can get it done in the next two weeks." Shout out to the Book of Mormon for being true!

We had an amazing lesson with our investigator Dennis...we've been working with him to help  him stop drinking and smoking. When we showed up to our lesson on Friday, he said, "I haven't had a drink since Tuesday." We were so proud of him! I love it when we get to witness the Atonement of Jesus Christ changing people!

There are just some days where your heart is so full of joy, you can't even explain it! Saturday was definitely one of those days...Sam and Stacy both got baptized. My favourite part was seeing the joy on their faces as they came up out of the water, having just made such important covenants with God. It was so awesome!

Well, another transfer has ended. Sadly, Sister Holmstead's time in Mississauga is over and she's headed up to Georgian Bay. I get to stay and finish off my mission is Mississauga with Sister Vardy. =)

I love you all!
Sister Dille
Sam's baptism :)  Sam asked me to speak and it was really special :)

Stacy's baptism :)

Missionaries in my district

Sister Training Leaders ( And Elders)

These are some of the missionaries I came out with from the MTC!

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