Monday, June 5, 2017

Two's...Three's....Six's....Seven's....I Love Canada!

Hey Guys!

Well, we'll start with the bad news...Sister Seegmiller thinks she's leaving me. Apparently she thinks she needs to go to Hamilton or something. My new companion is going to be Sister Holmstead. I came out from the MTC with her and she's from Utah. She's really cool and I'm excited...I've exchanged with her before and she's a wonderful sister! It's also such a tender mercy that Sister Seegmiller is only going to Hamilton because those are the other STLs we exchange with, so we'll get to go on exchanges with each other and we'll still get to see each other at MLCs. :)

Other than our devastating call from the assistants last night telling us we aren't staying together for a third transfer, our week was great. We had a really cool tender mercy. During weekly planning last week, we set a goal to find three new, have six member present lessons, and get seven referrals. We've been really struggling with those three key indicators for the past few weeks, so we decided we were done with two's and three's, we wanted sixes and sevens, hahaha. On exchanges with Sister Nelson, I learned about how to ask for referrals more effectively, which we were then able to implement throughout the week to help us get more referrals, and then we were very blessed to be able to find so many members to come teaching with us. We've also been going on lots of car fasts, so we've been able to find a lot of potentials who we were able to call and set up appointments with so they could become new investigators. By the time we counted up our numbers last night to send in, the Lord had blessed us to achieve our goals. The Lord takes such good care of us. :)

We had a really powerful lesson with our investigator from Jamaica on Saturday night. We call her Sister Pat. :) We gave her a church tour, and then we showed her the Restoration video, and the Spirit was so strong. After the video, she told us that she knows Joseph Smith was a prophet. She really has the gift of believing, it's so incredible! I'm so grateful for powerful moments like that! 

I wanted to encourage you all to read something. This week, I was studying about the restoration of the priesthood in Joseph Smith History 1:68-end. It was such a powerful experience for me. I also read Oliver Cowdry's testimony at the bottom, and it's so powerful. I know that if you read it, your testimonies of the Restoration of the priesthood will be strengthened too!

On Saturday, we went on a car fast and it was REALLY long! It also happened to be the time we need to do an actual fast and it was hot. So by the time we were getting close to the end of the day, we were pretty burned out. We were walking along the sidewalk, and this car salesman was cutting balloons off the cars. We said hello to him, and he asked if we wanted the balloons. Uh, of course we want free balloons! So we happily walked back home with our big balloons trailing behind us, hahaha. It's a new contacting technique we're trying out. ;)

Funny story of the week...once upon a time Sister Dille and Sister Seegmiller were doing studies. Sister Dille was reading Jesus the Christ and had to look up a word in the dictionary. She stumbled across the word 'ache' and for whatever reason, her brain did not process the word correctly. She was trying to figure out how to pronounce it and the only things she could come up with were a-chee and a-shee. Now thoroughly confused, she reads the definition- a dull pain. "Oh! Ache," she calls out. Wow! You know you're tired when...hahaha. Good thing my companion doesn't judge. :)

Love you!
Sister Dille

P.S. Sorry, because of transfers, I probably won't have time to email very many people. I promise I'm not ignoring you! :)

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