Monday, June 26, 2017

He told us he's been searching for something.......

Hey Guys!

So many cool stories to little time!

We had zone conference this week in Brampton and it was so good! One of the things we talked a lot about is talking with everyone in our path no matter where we meet them. It doesn't matter if we meet them at the grocery store, in an elevator, or on the street, we share the gospel with them. So after zone conference, we went on exchanges with our Black Creek hermanas, and Hermana Bahadur and I worked on it the whole exchange. We saw so many cool miracles from it. We got two potential investigators in one night. =) Also, we were getting into our car in a parking lot, and a guy was just getting out of his. Hermana Bahadur stopped him, and we chatted with him for a bit and then invited him out to church. Sunday rolls around and into the church building he comes! He told us that he's been searching for something (we have the answers, hahaha!) He said that he never goes to the parking lot we met him in and he never stops when religious people try to talk with him, but he couldn't stop staring when he saw our tags. So prepared! 

We taught Sister Pat the word of wisdom last week, and came up with a plan for her to stop drinking coffee. She told us, "if it's bad for me, I'll stop!" We came back the next night, and she said, "I've put all my coffee away...I'm done." That right there is what you call faith, my friends! She's so cool!

Funny story of the week...on exchanges, we had to go to Shopper's to buy Hermana Bahadur an ankle brace. In the store, we gave a card to an older guy named Al (he had a super cool handlebar mustache and a bowler's hat!). Anyway, while we were going through the braces, he found us again and started giving us a bunch of tips for fixing foot problems. He was like, "Number one, you have to lose weight! With foot problems you always have to lose weight. Then, you have to get a rubber ball and run your foot over it for awhile. Then you get Nivea cream and rub it all over your foot. It has to be made by the Germans! Then wrap a plastic bag around your foot and walk around for two hours. All the bad stuff will come out of your foot while you walk. When you're done, you'll feel like you're walking on the clouds! Then you must wash off your foot in cold water. It has to be cold because if your body is hot then your blood will be hot. Your foot will be feel better. That kind of advice is normally $250, but for you, it's free!" =)

I love you!
Sister Dille

We went to a berry farm and thoroughly enjoyed being on a farm again!

Matchin' pajamas!

I discovered you can make smiley faces out of mangos and apples :)

Exchanges with Black Creek

I found Sister Gariki at Zone Conference.

I found Sister Snickers at Zone Conference :)

Exchanges with Sister Bahadur.

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