Tuesday, May 23, 2017

You Remind Me Of A Girl I Once Loved.....

Hi Guys! I hope you all had a great week!

Wow, it seems like forever since I emailed you last, hahaha. We had such an amazing week, I don't even know where to begin...we saw so many tender mercies! A few weeks ago, we met a really nice lady downtown while we were walking to an appointment. Her name is Sister Pat, and she's from Jamaica. :) Last Tuesday, we went to teach her for the first time, and it was so good. We taught her about the Restoration, and gave her a copy of the Book of Mormon. (Cool random side note...we brought Sister Edmay teaching with us, and when Sister Pat opened the door, both of them got so excited. It turns out they're really good friends, because they used to be neighbours, and now they're reconnected!) A few days later, we went back, and we read the introduction with her and part of Alma 5. She said, "Sisters, I know it's true." In our heads, Sister Seegmiller and I were like, 'are you sure? It's pretty rare that after only two lessons someone knows that certainly.' Then yesterday, we went back and she had been reading in Alma, and she said, "Sisters, I know that whatever I read in this book is true." It's such a tender mercy.

Then this morning, we were able to have lunch with our investigator, Sam, from the Philippines. After lunch, we shared the Restoration. We talked about how the priesthood authority has been restored, and after he's baptized, he'll be able to receive the priesthood to help do God's work. He started crying and was filled with so much joy! He has such a deep desire to serve God. He said the closing prayer, and it was one of the most sincere prayers I've ever heard. It's such a privilege to be working with such prepared people!

In order save kilometers, Sister Seegmiller and I have been walking a lot. We've gone on two really long car fasts, and we've been so blessed for it. Last week, it was SOOO hot on the day we chose to walk. It was almost 40 degrees outside, and we were dying! We were on our way back home from an appointment, and this black car pulled up alongside the curb. The driver rolled the window down and it was Sister Anderson, one of our members! She gave us a ride back to our apartment, and saved us from walking in the heat! Yesterday, we were on another car fast. We walked to a less-active sister's house, and had a wonderful lesson with her. As we were about to leave, she said, "Sister, wait! I"ll make lunch for you." It was such a tender mercy because we didn't have time to go all the way home before our next appointment, so we wouldn't have been able to eat. On our walk back to the church, another member found us and gave us a ride. The Lord is so good to us!

Hahaha, this email wouldn't be complete with some good funny experiences, so here ya go!

1. A few weeks ago, we were tracting, and a Polish man opened the door. We had a conversation with him, and asked him how long he had been here in Canada. He told us he's been here nine years, so we said, "wow! You've been here longer than we have!" He asked us where we were from and how long we've been here, so we told him we're from the States and we've been here for a little over a year. He was like, "wow! Your English is very good." We said, "um, thank you...we uh, spoke it in school."

2. We had a regional broadcast a few weeks ago in Etobicoke. We were standing by the doors and an older gentleman walked in and started talking with us. He looked at me and said, "you remind me of a girl I once loved. I saw you sitting up on the stand and wondered if it could be here. It's a long, sad, story." I had no idea what to say! I just stood there hoping my face wasn't the colour of a tomato!

3. On Sunday morning, we decided to start our day off right by locking ourselves out of our apartment! :) We were heading out the door for church, so we grabbed all of our stuff, locked the door, and headed to the car only to realize that our keys were still hanging inside the hallway. (It was also in the middle of a thunderstorm, hahaha). We tried knocking on our landlords door, but they weren't awake yet, and the screens on our windows can only be removed from the inside, which is really unfortunate when you're trying to break into your house. So we walked to church in the wind, rain, and thunder and learned a very important life lesson; always make sure you have your keys! 

Love you!
Sister Dille
Walking to church in a thunderstorm.

Me and Sister Seegmiller!

I found Sister Gariki :)

Sister Lau made us sushi!

Exchanges with our Churchville YSA sisters.

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