Monday, May 8, 2017

They Did Not Doubt Their Mothers Knew It...

Hi Guys!

We had the craziest, most ridiculous week of my mission, hahaha! We had so many funny/weird things happen! 

1). On Thursday, we had a lunch appointment, and since we're trying to save on k's, we decided to walk. It was such a pretty walk, the weather was beautiful, the lunch was so good, the day was basically going perfect. On the way back from our appointment, we saw the most awful thing I've ever seen. A crow was flying past us with a screaming baby bunny in it's mouth, and the momma bunny was chasing the crow down trying to get her baby back. We chased the crow down to try to save the bunny, but it landed on its neck. By this time, it had started raining, so we stood with our umbrellas, crying, and watching the poor baby die. It was awful! A few minutes later, we saw the momma standing all by herself on a lawn, and started crying all over again. It was ridiculous! Seeing this though reminded me of something really important...the importance of mothers. I love the story of the stripling warriors in Alma. I love the verse where it says, 'they did not doubt their mothers knew it.' Mothers have such a powerful influence in our lives!

2). We put an add on Kijiji offering help with house or yard work. A lady contacted us for help with gardening. So we go and we're pulling up brick, raking up dead leaves, basically just tidying up the yard. We had about 20 minutes left, so we asked if there was anything else she'd like help with. "Oh sure," she said, "I'd like you to cut my lawn. I"ll be right back." So out of the house she comes with two pairs of kitchen scissors in her hands. She happily gave them to us and put us to work. We got down and started cutting, laughing hysterically! It was one of the weirdest things I've ever done.

3). On Saturday, after ESL, we got a phone call from a member who needed  help moving and she had to be out of her apartment and have the u-haul truck back by 4:00. We pulled up and started working. Luckily the elders had been there the day before to load up the heavy furniture, so we just had to worry about the boxes and bags. We were running around like chickens with our heads cut off throwing things into the elevator, dumping in the truck, dragging them out of the apartment, etc. We finished the apartment and then pulled up to the storage unit and started chucking things out of the truck. We finished unloading it, and then we were trying to get the gate in the back closed. We were hanging on it trying to get it to close, and we just about had it. So then we start pushing on it from the top, jumping on it, looking quite ridiculous I'm sure. But! By the time 4:00 came around, we had the apartment empty, the truck unloaded, and the storage unit full!

So despite all these ridiculous things, we did have a lot of cool miracles!

1). On Wednesday, we had MLC, and I learned so much! We both learned so many good things we can do to be more obedient! We've been working on implementing them, and it does make a difference!

2). We had an amazing lesson with Janice this week on the gospel of Jesus Christ. We taught her about repentance, and how it's just small simple changes to our lives. We talked about how it's a joyful thing to repent, and she started crying. It was so cool to see how much the gospel touched her life. That same lesson, we were able to set her with a baptismal date.

3). We were able to find three new investigators!

I love you all!
Sister Dille
Me & Sister Seegmiller!

We went shopping with our new convert's daughter, Adrianna, on p-day!

Happy Mother's Day!

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