Monday, February 6, 2017

I Finally Saw A Moose......

First week of the transfer if over! Sister Barrow told me this morning, "I can't believe I'm already into my second transfer!" So I said, "just wait! It gets worse!" Time is flying by! I can't seem to keep up with it!

We had a really cool lesson with our investigator, Peter, this week. We went into the lesson, and we were planning to teach the Plan of Salvation, but as we followed up on his previous commitments, we felt impressed to teach about the Gospel of Jesus Christ instead. I was kind of nervous about not following our lesson plan, but as we taught, he said, "it's like you keep picking this just for me." The Spirit works! It really taught me that we can't teach without the Spirit.

We had zone council on Saturday, and we went over some of the things that were talked about in the worldwide missionary broadcast. During the broadcast, they made two huge changes to missionary work. 1. Instead of having nine key indicators, we now have four... investigators baptized and confirmed, investigators with a baptismal date, investigators at church, and new investigators. 2. They changed our schedule! No, we don't get to sleep in. :( But, the purpose of the schedule changes is to help us be more effective and have more opportunities to use our agency righteously. It's kind of weird to get used to, but it's definitely a good thing!

On Sunday, the Spencer's both came to church! We were so excited to see them! We were a bit disappointed though because Sacrament Meeting started, and Peter wasn't there. It's kind of strange how your heart sinks when your investigators don't show up to church. BUT THEN...he walked in a few minutes after the meeting started and we were excited all over again!

We also had a musical fireside about the Saviour on Sunday. We had a few people cancel at the last minute and a few people almost cancel at the last minute, so we had to throw a few together three hours before it started, but prayer works, and the fireside turned out okay! I'm really relieved that it's over though! Putting musical numbers together is a lot of work, haha! Peter came to the fireside, and he really seemed to enjoy it!

Well, I think that about sums up our first week. On to week two! 

Love you!
Sister Dille
I got a Canada blanket!

I finally saw a moose!

Will you be my valentine?  You know, since we're missionaries and that kinda thing isn't allowed.

These are the pictures from zone council on Saturday.

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