Monday, April 11, 2016

Transfer Week!!!!!!


This week is transfer week and I'm leaving Cobourg! I'm so sad because so many of the members here have become like my family away from home! I love the people here so much, but I'm excited to go meet more people in my new area. Sister Spiekerman and I leave tomorrow morning to go to Brampton where we'll meet our new companions. I'm going to a little branch in Brockville (which is in the most eastern zone of the mission), and my new companion will be Sister Hunter. I'm excited to meet her and to learn from her.

We got to go to the Toronto temple this week and it was so amazing. I love being in the temple because there is such a strong feeling of peace and love. I also got to see one of my MTC companions and two of the sisters that were in my district in the MTC. It was so fun and we learned so much!

Something that I learned this week is that testimonies are so powerful. I've had many experiences this week during my personal studies and during interacting with members and investigators where my testimony of the gospel has been strengthened so much. This week especially, my testimony of prophets has grown so much. I'm so grateful that Heavenly Father loves us enough that He has given us a living prophet here on the earth to guide us, to counsel us, and to help us learn about the truth. God really does want all of his children. One of the sisters in my zone told us that Heavenly Father doesn't want any empty chairs in His Kingdom, and it's so true! He loves His children and He wants to help them. I know that He lives, I know that Jesus Christ is our Savior, and I know that through the power of His Atonement, all of our sins can be wiped away!

I love you all! Thank you for your prayers and for your love!

Sister Dille
                                               Sister Spiekerman and I helped some members peel sugar beets on                                                   p-day last week. It took quite a bit of scrubbing to get the purple off.

                                     These are called kinder eggs (they're illegal in the U.S.) They're chocolate                                                                                   eggs with a toy inside and you buy one the Monday before transfers                                                  so you can make a transfer prediction.

These are the toys that were inside our kinder eggs.

Sister Spiekerman and me at the Toronto temple.

Here's the Toronto Temple!

                                                      I saw one of my MTC companions at the temple trip and                                                          6-week training on Friday. It was so good to see her!

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